Interesting Course Evaluations I've Received Over the Years

What did you like best about this course?

The classes were "short & sweet".

He showed up to every class.

Dr. Trudel's hunting boots and suspenders.

How could this course be improved?

Take the class hunting pheasants with you.

Do not give questions on a test that require knowledge of other material (i.e., Math) to solve the problem. We want to be tested on whether we know how to write computer programs.

Pay attractive Rec and Soc majors to attend class for the scenic benefits.

Make sure the eraser is clean before the eraser game begins.

Eliminate pole in classroom (CAR 207)!

Please mention anything in the instructor's technique or style that could, in your opinion, be improved. Be as constructive as you can.

Instructor is more interested in hunting than in teaching.

That stupid laptop we used for about 2 weeks. It probably works well in the AA slots, but no one here seemed to like it much.

Well, I suppose he could stop coming to class looking like he just got back from a track meet.

Good instructor (this means `speaks english clearly'). Most do not!

I enjoy his teaching methods and if he were to teach `Early Indonesian Microbiology of the 1870's' I would take the course.

Wear more Acadia clothing, less Waterloo stuff.

The instructor has a great wardrobe, but some ties would be nice.

What additional comments and suggestions do you wish to make?

My first and only course with Dr. Trudel and I never got to hear any hunting stories.

I would like to use your name as a reference when applying to al-Quada. (Comment from a security course that used terrorism examples.)

Did not find it valuable to have to learn Java in a Java course.

Trudel for Prime Minister!

I think you are cute. I love the way you dress. It makes me feel comfortable around you. Don't worry, I'm not a guy!

Give him a raise, he deserves it. No wait, I can't afford the increased tuition.

His name sounds french, but he doesn't. Why is this?

Dr. Trudel seems to have a very easy job, but I guess he isn't required to do a whole lot.

I like Dr. Trudel's homepage. Maybe someday I'll get my comments there!

Have a class about ski-dooing.

What's with that pink shirt?